A world in which children, born in deprivation, receive compensating support, to enable them to improve, by virtue of their own abilities, their present and future opportunities in life.


The foundation Marianne Kok-Kampen Stichting supports deprived children (deprived due to family poverty, lack of access to education, handicap, or the social position of the mother) to obtain an improved position in society, by virtue of education and training.

Through support/advice and financial contributions the foundation stimulates local projects and social organisations to the extent of its means.

The income of the trust comes entirely from charitable donations.
The trust has no paid employees and is entirely dependent on the generosity of its supporters to survive. The trust has the minimum of overhead expense.

The projects of the trust are small in scale and in the hands of local inhabitants.
Local people and organisations have the best understanding of what is needed and what activities will help to contribute to a better social climate.