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Descendants of Arnt Janssoon (Andries) van Sancten

The → descendancy describes the many descendants of Arnt Janssoon (Andries) van Sancten, born ±1455, many of which lived in the Betuwe, the Netherlands.
The facts of this descendancy (version November 2014) are collected by Mrs. L. van Santen - Bergmaier.
Van S|Zanten's with their partners are listed in index B.

Abbreviations in the Index: * born; ~ baptism; deceased; buried/funeral/lost;
< at latest; > at earliest; ±.
Information about living persons is omitted for privacy reason.
Sources are in Dutch.
• Mrs. L. van Santen - Bergmaier maintains this descendancy in Parenteel Arnt Janssoon van Sancten (Betuwe)
• Descendancy Parenteel van Arnt van Xanten (in Dutch) on, by Mrs. W.A. Rönitz - van Santen. Not indexed for SANTENkraam.
When you copy information from this descendancy, please contact Ludmilla van Santen.
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