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Chroma is a strategic game to practice spatial insight. Not practical on smartphones.
With two walkers all stars are to be removed before reaching the door.

After a maze selection below the blue walker can be moved in the row or column, as a rook in chess, with the cursor, the arrow buttons and arrow-keys.
The Delete-key withdraws the last step(s).
"<5" goes five steps back.
"<<" button and the Home-key go to the begin situation.
"walker": the Enter key or a click on the inactive gray walker activate the other walker. "video" replays done steps.
"save" stores the current situation for sixteen days (as a cookie) and replaces an earlier storage.
  Your closing browser may remove the cookie; therefore press key Alt while clicking "save".
"load" restores a saved situation, "load" is available before a star is captured, as after "<<".
  A cookie can be removed with "load" afer a step.
Alt+"save" shows the route, to be copied to a file.
Alt+"load" opens a field to receive a copied route, beginning with "c".
  After a click outside the field an earlier situation is restored.

After a maze selection a play does not access internet.
Speed and sound are not functional; there are no random events.

Mazes in increasing difficulty.   I solved them; it is possible!
An extra chalenge is to find a short route

1. Initiation for beginners
  1. Invitation
  2. Illustration
  3. Elaboration
  4. Detonation
  5. Complication
  6. Transportation
  7. Collaboration
  8. Preparation
  9. Application
2. Coronation for experts
  1. Inauguration
  2. Manipulation
  3. Edification
  4. Disintegration
  5. Triplication
  6. Orchestration
  7. Augmentation
  8. Conflagration
  9. Restoration
  10. Perturbatione
  11. Bifurcation
  12. Culmination

This is an imitation of by Rob Veldhuyzen van Zanten, .
XOR predecessor 1989.
Enigma predecessor 2000.